How To Match PCB


This blog will help you to determinate if your PCB failed, how to find pcb models and get correct parts for your hard drive.

If your hard drive it is not spinning, do not ID correctly in your operating system or there is obvious damage due to power surge we recommend you not to power on the drive any more. If the drive is getting power on, SMART values are registering the drive condition and there is a chance that it will corrupt firmware of the hard drive and data will be not accessible. 

Another situation when PCB is corrupted and it`s quite common in Western Digital and Maxtor hard drives it`s beeping noise which give you indication of faulty PCB. 

To replace the PCB you will need TORX screwdrivers and in Samsung hard drives phillips. 


To find out how to match your pcb click below your hard drive manufacture logo:


Seagate PCB Western Digital PCB Hitachi IBM   Samsung PCB Maxtor PCB Fujitsu PCB  Toshiba PCB
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